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Pedagogy and Critical Disability Inclusion: An Interview Project

I am committed to building an increased awareness of disability as a critical concept, cultural identity, aspect of community, and lived experience into my teaching. But what might this entail? How might I move beyond minimal requirements of accessibility required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and embrace the richness of disability as part of my community, society, and theoretical understanding of the world?


In my open-ended interview project, I seek out conversations with other members of our campus community in order to learn about questions, ideas, challenges, and opportunities we might have regarding disability in the classroom and course material. I would like to hear from you, from any discipline. You needn’t be an expert in disability. In fact, it is totally fine if you have never before really considered disability as a critical concept. What opportunities or

Colorful schematic of a rhizome

challenges do you see regarding including disability in your course content? What has been your experience so far regarding DSP accommodation letters and needs? What questions or concerns might you have? My purpose in this project is not to present myself as an expert or provide others with all of the answers. Rather, I seek to widen the conversation around disability and pedagogy in the university. Eventually, I would like to share on this website some of the questions, experiences, and ideas we discuss. But I will never share anything (anonymously or with attribution) without your vetting and permission. Please let me know if you'd like to chat! 



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