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Attempts on her Life

by Martin Crimp


University of California, Berkeley 2011

DIRECTOR: Scott Wallin

SOUND DESIGN: Alexander Kort


COSTUME DESIGN: Cassondra Walsh

Poster of Theater Production Attempts on her Life. The Image is a black and white collage of a woman face constructed out of many different overlapping cut outs of different women's faces from magazines

Attempts to describe her?  Attempts to destroy her?  Or attempts to destroy herself?  Is Anne the object of violence? Or its terrifying practitioner?  Martin Crimp’s groundbreaking play, considered “an attempt at biographical fiction for the stage in the age of its very impossibility,” asks whether identities are the product of our own doing or stem from other’s views and needs.  In doing so, it explores our expectations and boundaries of theatrical representation itself. 

Description of Image
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