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by Scott Wallin


New York University, 2006

DIRECTOR: Scott Wallin



Montage. Deconstruction of text. Scores developed out of improvisation in reaction to objects, sound, written text, video. Allowing things to be structured without a singular meaning. Multiple layers of texts: written, sound, video, physical actions, objects. Simulacra. Blatant acknowledgment of the framing of the action “as” something instead of “is” something. Framing that calls attention to the act of framing. Appropriation of material, even in a clandestine manner. A zany irreverence mixed with passionate regard and respect for one's teachers: Artaud, Grotowski, Schechner. "One must eventually destroy one's own teachers to find one's own way."

A black and white photograph of Jerzy Grotowski partially occluded by white haze
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